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Monday, 09 March 2009 15:16

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Abhishek is my childhood friend..its been 16 years of knowing him..initially we were just classmates n then we became friends.. grdually our degree of our friendship started growing from good to better then from better to best ...I was always a bookworm n uska humesha hi mere liye ek dialogue hota tha "tum kaha padhai ke chakkro me padi ho..aish karo yaar..."…One thing very important he is really bad at remembering birth dates so what i use to do is to call him up n say “wish me its my birthday today”...it has become one of my habbit now :)...apart from this he is always there whenever you want him across but dont expect him to be always around coz thats not Abhishek...very good at people management..great Hindistani n very good at hindi..jiski wajah se mujhe bahut baar dant bhi khani padti hai :(...jokes apart he is one of those person with whom I am real.. I am glad that you are my friend hope the same from you otherwise I’ll kill you .. Abhishek have always guided me in my professional n personal life…Thank you for all your support but this thank you doesn’t mean that you are free...you always ave to bear with me... Take care Jyoti
By Jyoti at Thursday 17 September 2009
I am here to tell you a lot about abhishek he is my childhood pal and m really lucky to have him in my life he is smart, intelligent, naughty and most important very sensitive mein bachpan mein use tiwari...kabadi keh ke bulati thi aur ab mene uska naya naam rakha hia "bhaloo" One more thing, he is a deep thinker. upar se banda jitna mast hia woh andar se utna hi sensitive aur emotional hai. He knows what is important in life and whats not He has a courage to do things differently All the best abhishek You rock and you will rule this world! Always with you Take care Sonal
By Sonal at Saturday 03 January 2009
knowing abhishek has been a beautiful journey and a beautiful experience!
you have always been there be it happy times or d unwanted ones! you have been the guiding light of my life, my friend, my philosopher and my guide!
you have been the cheer that lifted me up in my bad and tough times and you have been the fum of happy times. you have always heard wat i wanted to say! wen i wanted to pour out my heart n mind!
knowing you has indeed been beautiful . . . thanks for coming into my life and staying here beside me~`<~!>
so,never change urself, b like dis forever! and take care!
By Neha at Thursday 16 October 2008
Aapki pics acchi hain but jaise jaise aap grow karte jaa rahe hain waise waise aapke ser ke baal aur muskurat gayab hoti jaa rahi hai unki bhi aage ki life main jarrurat padegi isliye business ke saath saath unko sambhal kar rakhiye..Take care & keep smiling always anjali :)
By anjali at Thursday 09 October 2008
So FAR yet so NEAR... is what I say!!!
Having known him for almost a decade now (seems like ages), I have never met this chap in person. Though I could just feel the presence of his friendship all the time. I can't believe that the wild college kid couple of years ago is now a successful business entrepreneur.... I am sure there is a lot for me to discover yet, but from what i know ~
A college kiddo who was always up beat, with a smile on his face and offering a helping hand to friends, is NOW a bussiness man who has LOST his hair, his smile, making some big bucks and spanned out on friends.
Guys ~ I am too far to be pouring some smile into this busy bug, but if you are around ~ remind him to have fun once in a while. If he DENIES or wants to be EXCUSED... bas mera naam le lena... gaadi apne aap hi patri par aa jeyegi !
Thinking of him ~ Dhruchita
By Dhruchita at Friday 03 October 2008
Waise to meri aapke uper puri kitab likhne ki issha thi kyonki maine aapki life ke kai shades dekhe hain per aapne kaha hai ki sirf kuch lines hi likhani hai isliye sirf itna hi kahoongi ki you are simply great and best whatever you do but jo mujhe aapki sabse acchi baat lagti hai in sabke alawa wo hai aapka hardworking aur down to earth nature.Aap life ke her frame main itna easily fit ho jaate hain ki lagta hi nahi hum aapko chand saaloon se hi jaante hain.Soch rahe hain ki aapke liye ab ek naya frame banayenge...:) Keep Smiling always.... love.. Anjali
By anjali at Monday 11 August 2008
Bhaiya you are the best..Love u
By Gaurav Tiwari at Sunday 03 August 2008
hey meet him he is nice to talk too. aur ha u remember humne shayad ek club banaya tha 'FOSLA' REMEMBER aur uske hair ki prob to uski major probs hai but he manages anyways. i love talking to him
By Sujata at Wednesday 27 September 2006
A man of few words......... but worthy of plenty.... he is a very good friend of mine.... i really admire his dedication n expertise(Msgr)..... havnt met for long but wish we could.... pretty soon.....cheers
By Kumar at Saturday 15 July 2006
My best friend Abhishek!!“Hum woh dost hain jo collegeme saath saath nehi padethe”… I’ve seen this person growing up from a boy to a responsible businessman…Abhishek is just “the perfect “ in any aspect of life – whether that’s as a son, as a brother, as a classmate or as a friend – he is down to the earth, trustworthy and truthful. One is sure to love Abhishek for his simplicity and caring nature.…has been a very intelligent student through out – can anyone imagine that he studied a complete new subject just 2 hrs before the exam and achieved 84%?? we two together have shared a gala time this year when we went to the Garhwals ….he is really a fun and pleasure to be with – he is adventurous (??) and full of energy.. at the same time a very responsible person whom u can rely on…and I seriously mean it. If Abhishek is there one can just be cool as he’ll manage everything some how.. …Only thing be aware of– don’t depend on him while u r bathing in river… bharosa nehi kab he himself will slip into the water…
By Joyeeta Thursday 18 May 2006
Well defining this dude is kinda difficult...hard to see a guy who is actually very clear about what he is upto...talk 2 him when u r down and believe me the very next momment u will be singing "i believe i can fly!!!"...an extremely cool and funny dude and yes!! ofcourse u gonna love this dude's company.
By Ainul Tuesday 02 May 2006
Phew...One heck of a guy...undoubtedly the best in person and the best in business..the only person i know who had the guts to "live" his dream all on his own..Seen him build his "empire" from the scratch...a soon to become business tycoon...:)...Well..true..very addictive...n gals going on date with him(which i believe..considering the geographical conditions, is a remote possibility)...beware...hez so good at convincing people...that you will end up paying for the date and he wont even make u regret it..hehehe.....But i bet u will have the best time ever with him....so Happy dating..!!! All in all...hez a fun chap to be with....Recommended worldwide...hehehe
By Vidya Monday 01 May 2006
Aaaahhh....thinking of tiwariya so many memories come flodding back , there is so much that we've seen together , been through together , held on to each other , maybe even challenged what was probably our destiny .... but the good thing is that though I haven't seen him since he last started having an ever receding hairline n he hasn't seen me since i started having an ever increasing waistline , we are still in the fight .. vaise wat prateek wrote in his testi is true down to its last letter !! Tiwariya is the only Casanova that i've seen who has more gals in his life than he has hair on his scalp !!! To put everything about him in a nutshell , people would just die to live with him . one last thing before i end this one , just remember rinku ki " Jag abhi jeeta nahi aur hum abhi haare nahi ..."
By Vikrant at Friday 07 April 2006
abhi bhaiya is one of d most chilled out person i've come across so far.hes always been as an elder bro 2 me. hav always put on d image of of seeedha sadha gharelu ladka infront of his brothers frens bt i m quite sure he must hv dated d hottest of chicks on planet earth,wid more dan one at a time.gr8 goin bhaiyya ,thodi tips hume bhi pls.hes smart intelligent fun luvin down to earth n amazingly well spoken person whom i always luk upto. luv u bhaiyya.
By Prateek Bhattacharya at Tuesday 04 April 2006
Tiwari, the person who has matured from a Lucknow's kite flying Guy to Kolkata's earning geeko back to Lucknow's one of the youngest free enterpreneurs. Clean hearted, and has enough no. of shoulders there for many a sobbing girls and malls of space for them in his heart.Has shown enough courage to take decisions which even silver spoon kids can't afford to take. A fighter. That's not all, he has a lighter side too, wanna get to know that?? See him on holi, i bet you won't need words..
By Aviral at Sunday 22 January 2006
Wat to say!!! you can not speak a word, if he talikin to you, so elegantly, he will make u say wat he want ho listen from you, u just hav a feel tat u are talking it is all him who talks, well 1 more thing.... if you are a (beautiful) lady, u are in trouble, u just cant live widout liking him.anyways, very good person at heart, and brave also..., can try his level best for anything and everything, no matter wat it is and how it is.
By Prateek at Thursday 10 November 2005
Abhishek--->>>so many things to say about him--->>we have shared a great time during the college days(hope abhi u remember the nights before the endsem--sp mobile computing>>which we read only for 2 hrs in the whole sem)...he is a very hadrworking person and i know he will be one of the most successful person from our batch..all the best...(but don't forget about my pizza treat for every success of urs --- double cheese cheunch with black olives,jalapeno,golden corn and extra cheese ummmmmmmmmmmmm)...
By Joyeeta at Thursday 10 November 2005
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